Car wrapping - unique your car!

"It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little."
John Ruskin.

According to this principle, we offer our customers very successfully car wrappings for over 20 years in premium quality. Every single car wrapping will be produced in workmanlike perfection - no matter, if it's for a fabricator, an industrial fleet or for an private customer. Our car wrappings, based on development for many years are the result from 20 - 50 hours handwork on the vehicle.

A folioCar car wrapping is a guaranteed onehundered percent Quality and Service!


Your wrapped car turnes to an unique eyecatcher!

If you don't like the standard assortment of colors, we give your car the look you'll like - cost-efficient and without any risk. Cars seems to be boring and exchangeable to you? Individualize your car and give it a personal note with an folioCar wrapping. We're happy to help you to generate your idea.

You have concerns about damages of the surface, caused by the film? We're able to calm you: a car wrapping is not only reversible, but also to secure the value by protecting the surface.


Primarily the complete car-wrapping-procedure starts with the Taxi-section. The prescribed colour has not been painted, but wrapped. In the course of years this procedure has been established, so that for the most of all taxi-cars the typical colouring will be realised by wrappings instead of special paintings.

The charges of a wrapping-process are cost-efficient in comparison to a special painting procedure. Especially for short-time colorations, the wrapping-procedure is the first choice, beause of the original paint, which is protected by the special film and no repainting is necessary. Within the last years the car-wrapping-process has been established in the tuning section as well. Under the heading “car-wrapping” sportscars have been individualized for example.